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Jack's Appliance Repair Testimonials

      For years working on HVAC and appliance repair field, we are always appreciated by our customers. The trust of our customers on us is the significant incentive for us  to continue working to serve customers. We do really want to say "thank you so much" for your ideas even negative ones. We always improve my business behavior towards to serve you better.  Please feel free to email us your feedback about how we performed the work for you and we will be glad to post it on our testimonials page. You can call us at the telephone number above or     Email services@jackappliancerepair.com Followings are some customer's ideas:

Hello Jack,

I am not the manager nor chef of the China Buffet in S Raleigh where you worked a few days ago. I am just a janitress who works at the restaurant. I appreciate you so much to work hard, helping us to fix our commercial water heater. We had had so much difficulty without water heater for days. No doubt, you are the man.


Ms. Matindale

Thank you for your help on my Air Conditioning System in Chapel Hill, NC

To tell the truth, my AC has had problem since the first start this year. I do not how to have some one to help, another reason is my finance problem. I found your phone in a very old phone book in my house. You did not care about late night time and came to my home to fix my AC system with a fair price. I know that R-22 refrigerant now is very expensive and your price is really unbeatable. I would like to appreciate you. I hope that your  air conditioning repair chapel hill nc would be on you. Your reputation and your work will be known more.

Thank you very much,

Anne Kepplinger (Chapel Hill, NC 27516)


        Replacing the water heater is not something anyone cares to do even I am an aviation technician. My water heat has small leak and I called Mr. Jack for help. After discussion with  Mr. Jack, we decided to replace a new one, not delay in this problem. Quickly, Jack and his worker to go and buy a new gas water heater and install it for us just in one day. Jack is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Jack put a drip pan in case .  We are VERY happy with their service. They were fast, friendly, and professional. Jack is excellent on water heater installation as I ve known. Thank you and thank you so much Mr. Jack

        Nov 2012

       Chapel Hill, NC 27715

Thank you,

Thank you Mr. Jack come to my home a day in May 2012 to fix my Central Air. You spent hours and worked in the attic regardless of very hot temperature there. I was not able do any the help during you worked on very hot attic. You are the hard working person I 've seen. This email cannot express enough how we feel happy with your job done. You yourself brought fresh air to my family after two extremely hot days. I will tell to my friends search online to see you when needed_ Air Conditioning Repair Raleigh Durham guy.

Many thanks to you again

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Elizabeth (Chapel Hill, NC)

Mr. Jack, Samsung Refrigerator guy !!

       A friend of mine, who is excellent on refrigerator, said that my fridge did not get cold enough due to bad heater; and he could not fix it or replace a new heater. It so because, to Samsung refrigerator, this is a very complex problem. I called Samsung and a technician was sent to and he quoted ....$460 (!!!). Oh, my Lord, $460 is just to replace a heater for a refrigerator. I denied the service and paid $65 for the service call . After a week, I called Jack and he fixed it excellently with a reasonable price. He rewired the system and, as a result, my refrigerator have worked well for over a year so far. It is clear that "Samsung Fridge man" as I often call him when our appliance have problem. I definitely recommend Mr. Jack to my friends and neighbors.


          Raleigh, NC 27617

           Jan 2012

      Jack is the Man

      I have a stackable Kenmore washer/dryer making noise too much that I can't stand. I had seemed tortured by the noise of the washer for a month while it's working. I called Sears and they sent a guy to come for service. The guy said that the transmission was bad and needed changing at a cost of $500 (!!!). I cannot handle such a big money like that. I denied the service and paid $80 for the service call. Recommended by a friend of mine, I called Jack for the service. Jack worked hard with an attempt to figure out where the noise is coming out. I am wholly satisfied with his service. As a result, no part needed changing, the washer is working very smoothly, and even the service fee is lower than the previous' service call. I am really overjoyed than expected. I am willing to recommend Jack to my neighbors and friends. Jack is the Man.

      Mrs. Barbara,

      Holly Springs, NC 27540

      Aug 2011

      Thank you so much!!!

      Thank you so much for the recent repair you made on my refrigerator. Your services are affordable and your work was very thorough and conscientious! My refrigerator is Samsung side-by-side (Mod # rs255basb), not cold enough,  as you remember. I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing appliance repair. Your extra effort save me money on parts since you worked so hard to determine that I didn't need the expensive part - you solved the problem more quickly and with less money! All is working beautifully.

      Thank you!
      Ms. Beth  

      Durham , NC 27703

      Jul 2011

      I am so happy with Jack's Appliance Repair

        I made an appointment with Jack to repair my 12 year old washing machine after receiving an excellent recommendation from a reference he was happy
to give me. As we live ‘in the woods’, I wasn’t sure if he would find us easily, but he was here exactly when he said he would be. When I’d described the
problem over the phone, Jack said he knew what it was and could fix it.. and when I seemed a bit concerned, he said “What are you worried about? I’m the
doctor, I’ll take care of it.” And he did, even helping me clean the twelve years worth of dust/lint on the inside!! It’s a relief to know who to call when we
might need appliance repair again. Jack was courteous, efficient, punctual and very fair; I highly recommend him!

~ Susan Lindholm
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
May 20, 2011

      I am so glad to share with how I am happy about my refrigerator fixed by Jack's. My GE refrigerator Mod # HSM25GFTBSA "consumed" 2 circuit boards less than a year. I mean that during warranty time, my refrigerator did not get cool and I called GE two times for repair. Both times they said that it was frosted and needs replacing the Circuit Board. And they replaced the Circuit Board. And when the time of warranty was expired around 2 months, my refrigerator had the same problem as the previous. I called Jack's for a service. Jack said that " I am not sure that the refrigerator will work well for a long time if its circuit board is changed. After a while of discussion, I agreed to re-wire the refrigerator system as Jack's explanation and suggestion. He explained that now most of refrigerators' system in new model are computerized. It means that all functions are controlled by the Main Board, and this is inconvenient; because any electric problem happens , a new main board needs replacing; and, as you know, main board is so expensive. Re-wire a refrigerator system is as you divide a vessel into several watertight compartments. If one of the compartments has problem, it is easy to fix and the ship is still OK, a whole ship doesn't sink. Jack re-wired my refrigerator and my refrigerator has worked well for over a year until now. Unbelievable!!!!

      Todd Kennedy

      Mar 2011

      Durham, 27705


        I found Jack's website and was impressed with the content, testimonials and information provided, so decided to give him a call, and am so HAPPY that I did!  In my contact email one evening, I had described the problems I was having; and Jack showed up the very next day with the parts on hand to repair both my dryer and my 20 year old Thermador cooktop!  There was no initial visit/charge to just look over the work and separate charge to come out and repair - Jack had everything he needed on initial visit & everything was repaired to perfect working order!  Jack was very friendly, knowledgeable, and confident as he went about his work - and prices were very reasonable enough to make me feel as though I had made the right decision by getting repairs vs new appliances. I will definitely call Jack again when in need of repairs!
Raleigh, NC

      I am so happy in tears with Jack's Appliance Repair

        My ASKO T760 dryer was not working with no power. I tried to find out what wrong with it; and I quite failed although its structure is so simple compared with regular dryer. It itself simple makes it become more difficult to fix. I check out everything and every thing is OK, not any wrong with it, and it still did not work. I called two guys come to look it and they gave up with this expensive strange dryer. I called Jack's after that, and he found the fuses were broken, not working_ two fuses are located in a very inconspicuous position. I called ASKO to order the fuses and they said they do not have them. I searched on some website and around $32.00 for each. Jack said "calm down, let me do....", and 3 hours later he came back with 4 fuses with Amp/voltage exact the same,  at less than $10.00 (four). My lovely dryer works again. I am really so overjoyed that in tears.

        No doubt, Jack is good guy I have seen. 

       Dec 2009

Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC


       Jack's Appliance Repair gave me prompt service

        I bought my Kenmore electric oven back in 2001. After serving my household needs for 6 years my oven stopped working both top burners and the oven. So I called Jack's Appliance Repair. When I called them, after a few minutes on the phone with them, they suggested that I check if the circuit breaker was open all the way. Sure, my oven becomes working again after I reset the circuit breaker as Jack's guide. Some companies would try to make more money out of this situation, by sending a service tech to my house. But Jack's Appliance Repair suggested the best solution for me, at the least possible cost to me, and I appreciate that.

        Jack's Appliance Repair  service is great. Jack's Appliance Repair estimated exactly what needed to be done without try to sell me more then what I need. And they know what the owner should do first.

Roger T.
Cary, NC

      Everything is great with Jack's Appliance Repair

        I had a Kenmore 70 Series and I had used it for several years. Recently, it had worked improperly. It won't spin. I called Jack's Appliance Repair. After knowing some more detail from me, they suggested me get rid of it because its timer has broken. They added " the timer is so expensive and it will not good for me to do that", spending too much money on a too old machine(!). However, I am so sorry to throw it away because It has served for my family for years. I called another repairer, hoping that there is a better solution, and I had to pay for travel fee for that. Now I am aware of that Jack's Appliance Repair is not only experienced technician in diagnosis but also a conscientious one in its business.
Pam M
Durham , NC
      I have used Jack's Appliance Repair several items and I am very satisfied with the service.

       I purchased house that came with very old appliances that were giving me trouble. But the GE dishwasher and the Kenmore dryer weren’t working well at all. Before I did remodeling I decided to repair the old appliances instead of buying new ones.

       So I called Jack's Appliance Repair to request a service. Jack is so sweet and open. He offered me the choice of same day service or another time that was convenient for me. And everything was done just as they say they would. I will definitely be doing business again with Jack's Appliance Repair.

William P.
Raleigh, NC 27609